Function over Fun?

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I often see that aesthetic value is given less importance than functionality, and it is sometimes forgotten altogether. Is it so hard to believe that a place can be functional and fun at the same time?

Let’s take places of work, which are clearly about function. Desks and computers are set in certain ways; offices are lined up depending on employee role and furniture can be mismatched or falling apart, but still be utilised to its function.

What employers fail to see is that improving your staff’s moral can come from the way the interiors of a work place are kept. How can you not help falling asleep in a grey office with grey printers and grey tiles and brown doors and grey chairs? It’s boring!

So here are a few tips for keeping the energy up!

  1. Plants. They are healthy, pretty and organic. Use them.
  2. Paint the walls. There are other colours besides white, grey and beige.
  3. Prints. A little humorous text on your walls will go a long way.
  4. Show a little style. Why choose the grey desk? Anything but grey.
  5. General Maintenance. Yes we can see the ceiling is falling apart.
  6. Books. You want to show your clients you know what you’re doing? Demonstrate a library of knowledge.
  7. Personalise. Encourage your staff to make their desk spaces their own.
  8. Open spaces. If you want your staff to work together as a family, drop down those god-forsaken walls.
  9. All work no play? Staff rooms and lounge areas for your employees should be comfortable, vibrant and fun. If you stick them in the basement you’re not exactly enticing their creative juices!
  10. Indoor temperatures: Make sure that the work environment is of the correct temperature. Staff freezing in winter and sizzling in summer are not going to be working to their utmost efficiency.

So give it a go, work on your workspace, you might just find it can be a happy place after all!