The Next Big Thing in Beauty… Paper Lashes

The beauty industry is ever evolving and new products are launched every day. While some of these products are seen as old products being given a face-lift, others are more intriguing and truly innovative.

A case in point are the new genre of false eyelashes made out of special paper, otherwise known as paper lashes. Paper lashes are inspired by the art of Chinese paper-cutting and they are characterised  by very intricate laser-cut designs. Motifs range from flower to peacock feathers, seahorses to butterflies and pretty much anything you can imagine.

The pioneer of the trend is a London based brand called Paperself with average prices being £12.50 for a full strip and £10.50 for an individual lash. Budget brand Essence Cosmetics(amongst others), has followed suit and they released a limited edition set.

Although they are not everyone’s cup of tea, they unarguably add interest to any make-up look. Are you daring enough to give them a go?


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