Interview with CORAZON MIZZI

Where do you live:- Attard
Status:- Single
Star Sign:- Cancer
Main occupation:- Daily TV host/singer-songwriter
Media-related occupation:- Daily TV host/singer-songwriter

Corazon holds a doctorate in law from the University of Malta.  At the moment she is co-hosting TVPM – TVM’s daily afternoon show.  She has taken part in the Malta Eurovision Song Contest twice with ‘Mystifying Eyes’ and this year with ‘My Stranger Love’ composed by Paul Giordimaina and Fleur Balzan.  She also loves composing her own songs in Maltese.  These compositions have led her to win the Festival Għanja tal-Poplu three times, with ‘Hawn Jien’, ‘Tal-Aħħar’ (a duet with Walter Micallef) and ‘Mill-Għajnejn ta’ Tifla’.  “At the moment I am very excited about my first album of original songs in Maltese which I am working on together with Dominic and Manolito Galea and which will be launched in the coming months”, stated Corazon in this interview.


What type of gadgets do you love?

I’m not a fan of gadgets, but I do love the ease with which information is available to me, especially during the show, thanks to my ipad.

What was and when was your most memorable late night partying out?

Late nights are not my piece of cake. Actually, I don’t think I’ve ever spent a night out partying, not even in my late teenage years. I love to get a good night’s sleep and wake up early in order to get the most out of my day.

What is your favourite thing in your whole house or in your room?

My piano, my radio and my books.

What makes you happy most?

Mostly simple things, like the smell of fresh air or the sunrise.  But also people who warm up to me and let me know that my work has touched them in some way. It’s the greatest feeling in the world!

What is it that you would never buy? And why?

Fast food – I feel very strongly about this.

What’s your opinion about tattoos? Do you own one or more?

I like them as an artistic means of expression, but dread the fact that they are permanent. Knowing me, if I had a tattoo, I’d probably love the idea of it and hate it the second I see it on my skin. I’m also a bit scared of physical pain, so that’s another turn off. You don’t need to be very clever to guess I don’t have a tattoo and am not planning on having any in the near future. I like seeing them on other people though, especially if they are meaningful to them and sometimes they help in telling their story.