Golden Daffodil Foundation

I’m a firm believer that helping others out elicits both pure happiness and inner peace. That was one of the many reasons why I jumped at the opportunity of helping with the creation of Golden Daffodil Foundation.

So, what is Golden Daffodil Foundation all about?

First and foremost, the inspiration behind the name of the foundation came from a quote taken from “The Legend of the Daffodils” which reads “Each time a Guardian Angel notices a good deed, a prayer, kindness or sacrifice – she plucks a gold star from the heavens and sends it to Earth where it blooms as a golden daffodil”. This quote seemed fitting for our cause and hence the birth of the name “Golden Daffodil”.

This philanthropic foundation was founded on the 14th February 2013 by me, my dad Paul Camilleri, Fr.Stephen Sciberras, Saviour Azzopardi and Edward Briffa. It is a voluntary, autonomous and non-profit making organisation.

Our main aim is to provide extensive and personalised information and support to individuals, young or old, who require medical intervention abroad. We shall also be collaborating with both local and foreign charities in the course of our work. Furthermore, the foundation could never progress without the immense generosity of the general public, which has never been lacking.

In a nutshell, the objectives of the foundation are the following –

  1. To aid individuals who are undergoing medical treatment in Malta or Gozo and who need further medical interventions overseas, especially in the United Kingdom.

  2. To support these families by providing a national information service before travelling overseas.

  3. To ensure a coordinated network of care and support, both locally and overseas.

  4. To assist and help patients and their families by representing their needs when necessary.

  5. To assist these patients by improving the environment in which they are treated.

  6. To raise funds through sponsorships  donations and fund raising activities or through any other means as the Board of Administration may determine.

We are currently inviting the general public to join our cause by doing the following –

  1. LIKE our Facebook page ( and SHARE this same page, thus increasing awareness of this cause.

  1. BECOME A MEMBER by donating just €10.00 a year. Members will then receive updates about the foundation’s current and upcoming events.

  1. BECOME A VOLUNTEER. According to the preferences you tick in your application form, you will then be contacted when your help is needed.

Remember – You can be either a member or a volunteer, or even better, you can choose to be BOTH. Applying is very easy … send us an email on and we will send you the respective application forms and further directions as necessary.

 The official launch of Golden Daffodil Foundation shall be taking place in the coming month. I will keep you updated with further developments so stay tuned!

I sincerely hope that most, if not all, of you out there will find it in your heart to lend a helping hand … after all, happiness is truly felt by making other people happy!