What doesn’t kill us will make us stronger, promise.

When a personal tragedy hits us, be it big or small, the world falls apart. We think that we are the most unlucky person in the world and with tears in our eyes we ask God – “Why me?” Then we start to think that we are just cursed, and have a bad life and think again some more about being the most unlucky person in the whole wide world.

But that is not true, it’s the circle of life, unfortunately bad things happen to the best of us. It`s not because you have shitty parents, or the worst boyfriend in the history of mankind. These things just happen. To all of us, rich and poor, pretty or ugly – it doesn’t matter.

I yet have to meet someone that had and is still having the perfect life. We have no idea what the people around us are going through, their very own personal tragedies. We just assume that we are having a life full of drama, and it’s just us.

So next time something bad happens don’t blame anyone, not even yourself. Blame life. Take some time and cry it out. Then get up on your feet and act. Act to have a better life.

And remember – what doesn’t kill us will make us stronger.