Is There A Baby On The Plane?

Mother and her baby boy playing on the plane

Are you concerned about travelling with your baby by plane? Stop worrying, it’s not that hard! Your baby most probably will sleep throughout the whole trip and won’t notice taking off or landing.

If you are a breastfeeding mother, keep him latched to your breast, if not keep a bottle of milk close by, because sucking helps unblock ears.

Before you get on a plane make sure your baby has a fresh diaper, favorite dummy and a bottle of water for yourself to hydrate.

While traveling with a new-born was very easy for me, traveling with a running and always exploring toddler is a different thing.

Even though I had my hand luggage full of toys, cars, coloring pens and books, my son would still wander to first class and play hide-and-seek behind the curtain.

The plane’s carpeted aisle make it very crawler friendly and the angle of a flying plane makes for a perfect “hill” to track!

So how did I survive? One solution is making friends with crew and passengers and checking non-stop if trolley with food and drinks isn’t coming.

The other way to deal with a hyper toddler is making him tired before take-off so that he falls asleep on the plane.

It is not easy to travel with a child, but it is surely worth it! Travel broadens the mind so don’t give it up!