A tribute to my best friend… the accessory queen!

I think we all have friends who we look at and immediately associate them with something; for example, Denise always has exceptional hair and skin! Today, I am paying tribute to my best friend, who for the sake of knowing how much she hates being put in the limelight, from now on, will be referred to as ‘The Accessory Queen! (AQ)’.

What I really admire about AQ is that she never ever backs away from spicing up her outfit with accessories! Here are some tips I have picked up from her!

Always keep your accessories organised; a great DIY project I got from her was an earring hall of fame, which consists of strips of wood with curtain loops where you can hang your earrings.

Don’t shy away from accessories; bring a dull outfit to life with bright accessories. AQ loves pairing a plain outfit with a patterned scarf, bright shoe or bag just to bring a plain outfit to life, even for a relaxed night in!

Don’t be afraid to experiment, pair up two bright colours and don’t be afraid to colour block; as a Christmas present, she gave me this beautiful Green statement necklace! At first, I was quite hesitant about the colour, since it’s quite a pain to match, little did I know my plain Mustard dress could be transformed so radically!

I end this post with a thank you to AQ for apart from being the best friend any girl could wish for, I thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone… I hope you won’t un-friend me after this post!