7 relationship styles from monogamy to polyamory

Here are some types of relationships. This is factual and does not imply judgement or that one type suits all. “One night stands” and swinging are not considered here to form a relationship.

With any relationship, depth comes from building energy with the same partner(s).

SINGLE: Relationship with one-self, and it is important to love oneself.

FAITHFUL MONOGAMY: Being with a single partner, and being faithful (not having sex with other partners) – The ideal desire for many.

MONOGAMY with Secret Lover(s): This is more common than faithful monogamy according to many surveys, even if the secret lover is a rare or one-off occurrence. One or both partners will go outside for more sexual experience at some time.

OPEN RELATIONSHIP: There is agreement that each partner permits the other to have sex with other people, but the partner is the primary lover. They do not discuss together who they had sex with.

TRANSPARENT OPEN RELATIONSHIP: As Open relationship but the partners tell each other what happens outside the main relationship.

INTIMACY NETWORK: This is where there is no primary sexual relationship, but participants have on-going sexual relationship with two or more regular partners. As more people choose to live alone will this become the norm?

POLYAMORY: A group of sexual partners who only have sex with members of that group, in transparent trust and honesty, like an enlarged family.

The purpose of a Relationship is not to have another who might complete you, but to have another with whom you might Share your Completeness.. ♥ 
~ Neale Donald Walsch