Using room dividers and sliding doors instead of walls can give the illusion of a larger space. Plan your space well incorporating multi-functional areas. There are amazing ways of storing, so do your research! Tip: Lucite furniture will give the room a larger feel.

Moving into a new apartment is a very exciting step, so don’t let worry and stress ruin it for you. Follow these steps to keep it as smooth sailing as possible and allow you to enjoy every move to your new home!

Get to know your style: Flip through décor magazines and browse the web to find out what style you prefer. allows users to browse room ideas by style so this would be an ideal platform to use. 

Choose Colour Schemes: Once you have your style down, it’s time to figure out what colours intrigue you and which ones repel you. Keep looking out for inspiration and take note of colour schemes that you like.

Scale: One thing to also keep in mind is the scale of your new home. As a first time buyer it’s probably not going to be the largest space so make sure to choose your items wisely. If you have a small living area don’t insist on taking up half the space with a 54’’ TV screen and lots of seating space. Make sure you think practically rather than what has been on your wish list for years.
Room-by-Room: Now it’s time to start building on what you know. Once starting to plan, create each room separately. It can get confusing to think about the whole apartment as one so take it slow by working one room at a time.
Search for the diamond in the rough: It can be tempting to only view showrooms which you see being advertised and which are currently the trend, yet it won’t do any harm to see what you can pick up from markets, second hand shops, and There is a certain sense of satisfaction one gets when purchasing an old slightly run down item, and fixing it up and making it their own. It is also usually easier on your bank account!
Quality over All: One thing to always keep in mind is quality, especially where the kitchen is involved. You want long-lasting furniture in your apartment so keep this in mind when making your purchases.
Stay Organised: To avoid extra stress make sure you keep all your documents organised, along with any colour swatches and inspiration images you may have. Apart from décor organisation keeping all your receipts intact with their guarantees is essential. Better safe then sorry!

Wishing all you first-time movers the best and please feel free to comment should you have any questions. Good Luck!