Interview with Franklin Calleja

Where do you live: Hamrun

Status: In a relationship

Star-sign: Scorpio

Media related occupation: Singer/Song-writer/Actor

Nine years ago, Franklin Calleja discovered his talents in music and was always keen to be involved in the media sector. His voice evolved as he got older and he has managed to achieve part of what he has always worked for until now.

Winning the singing competition programme ‘Don’t stop me now’ was not easy, but he was determined to fight against all odds. As they say “hard work pays off” as he managed to win this competition with flying colours.

Musically, he was inspired by artists such as Whitney Houston, Leona Lewis, Katy Perry and Mariah Carey. In his free time, he enjoys taking fashion photography and editing them, and he also modelled for photo shoots for a couple of renowned magazines. This has helped him become unique in his style and more aware of fashion.

Doodling is an artistic expression which fascinates him and puts his mind at rest. Acting is another way of how Franklin expresses his talents by interpreting different characters other than his own. In fact right now he is working in a local drama – ‘Dejavu’.

He also took part in this year’s ‘Malta Song for Europe’ with the song ‘Let Your Heart Talk’.  In a few years time Calleja envisions himself representing our island in the Eurovision Song Contest, while continuing to move forward with his singing career.

“Determination is the key to success.  Keep working hard to achieve what you always believed in” – Franklin Calleja.

If you were to be in power, how would you use it?

Well, I’d probably buy an amazing car, an amazing apartment with a pool, I’ll order many clothes from ASOS everyday, and I’ll go abroad every month, if possible :) and of course I will destroy all the jealousy and injustices, and I’ll help homeless people.

What makes you happy?

My partner, family, singing, clothes and money.

Were you bullied as a kid?

Yes, they used to make fun of me at the secondary school I attended, because I used to sing with the orchestra. They made my life miserable. In fact while I was in Form 3 I had to stop going to school because of bullying.

What’s the hobby you spend most money on?

Definitely CLOTHES :)