What is Style? What is Image?

Most of us seem to think it’s the way we look or dress only. In reality it’s the way we behave and take responsibility for our actions or in this case… ourselves and our offspring!

A beautiful Saturday afternoon in a clothes store – everybody is shopping, in good moods, meeting friends…. when a certain family caught my eye: a mother, daughter and her friend and three children (about 6 , 5 and 2) – then “Kyleeee ejja hawn… Ma hu hsieba it-tifla… Sue-Ellen, toghgbok din?” All this raucousness in voices that could be heard across the large store.

The kids were chasing each other until the one called Sue-Ellen let out a stream of expletives about what she was going to do to the kids! Everybody was disturbed and bang went quiet enjoyment.

I have just returned from London and in a packed store of all nationalities with all the usual different languages… all of a sudden goes ‘Jesmond fejn qieghed?’ at a pitch which was more adapted to the football ground – this was two grown men… Do we have to make ourselves heard wherever we go? Didn’t do much for their style or image….

Do we have to go to a restaurant and let our children run all over the place – there are people who are paying to have a quiet lunch or dinner and yet we find no issue in letting our children run riot and even worse – shout at them. Maybe “children are meant to be seen not heard” was a bit extreme but on the other hand it does not mean they are meant to be heard by all, or it is their right to do as they please – we are not doing them any favours by letting them behave like this.

They grow up now knowing how to behave in different circumstances and different places. As much as parents tolerate and are accepting of our children whatever they do, other people will not be so forgiving or accepting – and what looks ‘sweet’ on a 3 year old does not look so sweet on a rude and loud 13 year old much less on a 20 year old looking for a job!

Nothing reflects more on our style and image than how our children behave especially if we’re not around! Respect for others, please and thank you, talking quietly goes a long way to enhancing our image…..