The Photographer`s Groupies


It has become commonplace for a photographer to be seen at every event. And I can accept that. After all we have become a society in which we need to photograph and share every detail of our lives. What I cannot and never will accept is the reaction people have when they see a photographer.

They literally jump in front of the poor photographer and strike a pose vogue style, or in an extremely worse case scenario they make the infamous duck face (that I – honest to God –  just feel like face palming the idiots that do that). 

I mean why are you so desperate for a photo? Don’t you already have around 3,496 pictures between facebook and twitter?

And don’t think that this sort of thing is done only by losers, even the elite do that nowadays.

It is so pathetic and lame.

And I can’t imagine how the photographers feel when everyone is harassing them for a picture. Give the man a break, and if you want to take a picture, take out your mobile and take it yourself.

You look stupid. Really.