How to create the perfect winged eye-liner.

If you don’t have a steady hand, like most of us don’t, here is a little trick to give you the perfect winged eye-liner look. All you’ll need is a tea spoon, yes that’s right a tea spoon and some liquid eye-liner. First off you’ll want to apply your make-up and eye-shadow, but not your mascara.

Step 1 – Take the spoon and using the handle, place the corner of the spoon against the outer corner of your eye with the handle going up toward the outer corner of your eyebrow, but not touching. (roughly at a 45 degree angle  – 1 cm away from the brow)

Step 2 – Using the liquid eye-liner draw a line using the spoon edge as a guide 1-2 cm long. The longer the line the more dramatic the look

Step 3 – Now using the head of the spoon, place the outside curve from the end of the line you’ve just drawn to your lash line. You’ll want to roughly have a space of 1 cm between the corner of your eye and where the new line will connect

Step 4 – Using the liquid eye-liner draw another, using the curved edge of the spoon as a guide to create a triangle like shape. Don’t worry it is a little messy

Step 5 – Using the liquid eye-liner fill in the shape you have created and tidy the lines up if need be, and apply the eye-liner in a line across your eyelid as you would normally apply it, however make the line slightly thicker towards the outside so it blends in with the triangle. Apply mascara and you’re done!

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