The Vampire Facelift – What Is It?

Is there anything we don’t do nowadays to achieve younger looking skin? This is one of the latest trends (although it’s been on the market for a few years but never really took off until recently) and I’m always curious about these different ideas, but this looks a bit scary right? It’s promoted as ‘natural’, however, because the filler injected into the face is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and PRP is drawn from your own blood, hence the ‘natural feeling’ (blood is drawn from your arm for example).

PRP contains growth factors and when concentrated stimulate the collagen in your skin, revitalizing your skin’s texture, laxity, volume and tone. This is combined with Hyaluronic Acid filler (HA) which has also proven to be safe and effective regardless of skin type.

The treatment provides immediate results and lasts for up to a year, which is therefore said to be longer lasting than using HA fillers alone.

This can be done in the morning and, with few side effects, you can be ready to go out and socialize that same evening.

Now, despite the fact that something non-foreign is injected into your face, which might attract some people who are less enthusiastic about other fillers, some doctors have said that this is just another trend and that it has not really been proven to work as well as we know other treatments do. So, basically, you go into this bloody mess and just hope for the best I suppose? Hmm… well, Kim Kardashian tried it and it’s also what the Oscar attendees received via a gift certificate in their swag bags earlier this year – what do you saywould you try it?

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