Dating Site Traps

Would you like to meet Victoria? Wow… how beautiful… a bit young, but yes I would like to meet Victoria.

Soon we are connected, and she is sending me messages. “I really like your profile” she says,” I am shy, have a 6 year old son, and will look after you well.”  Soon I know a bit more, her parents died in an accident in 2012, she runs her father’s import export business, she lives in Belgium, travels for Paris on business, will go to Ivory Coast soon for a business trip, and after that we will meet.

It is clear that she writes in French and uses translation software.

We connect on Skype  and chat openly. But she won’t accept a Skype call, says she has no camera. She asks “what time do we connect tomorrow”? She sends me more photos, tiny thumbnails. She answers some questions, ignores others, and does not react to things I wrote which would challenge most women.

A friend said “Be careful, sounds a very familiar story, I was almost caught, it was a scam, the photos are probably downloaded from someone’s internet profile (and they are not aware). It is probably a man, working this scam from a third world country. The net closes with a request to send money urgently when they have a problem.”

Men and women are targeted. There are some very unsavoury people out there in Cyber Space. Parents must also be careful about paedophiles chatting to children posing as teenagers. Use the Internet – but be careful!