University Survival Guide – The Library Edition

I’m in my final year of my course at University, and I must say, this last semester is the longest time I have ever spent in the library. Thought I’d share some survival tips which may come in handy to anyone who only just started making use of the library. What I’ve learnt so far:

Lockers – getting a locker any time after 9:15AM is as rare as seeing a white rhino riding a bicycle. Mainly because people with early lectures pop in, snatch a locker and keep the key with them for the rest of the day, even if they only spend a grand total of 2 hours in the library that day. So set your alarms early, get to the library at opening time and get yourself an ever precious locker key.

Shelves – didn’t wake up early, did you?  Showed up at the library at 1:00PM, didn’t you? Now you have to leave your bag on one of the open-to-theft shelves. Remove all your personal belongings of any value, plus all the stuff you’re going to need to study with and try leave your bag on a high shelf – in hopes that any thieves are too short to reach high-up things.

Balance – balance is key, young grasshopper. Carrying all your stuff: books, laptop, laptop charger, water bottle, snacks, tissues, pack of sticky notes, mobile, pencil case, purse and file-paper, up one or two flights of stairs is a balancing act you’re going to have to master. Wearing an outfit with lots of pockets helps.

Temperature – you might want to wear something long-sleeved if you plan on going to the library in Spring/Summer; IF the A/C is working, it’s on *turn toes into popsicles mode* and it’s a bit too uncomfortable to concentrate. If the A/C is off, enjoy the green-house effect of the wall-length windows around most of the building. In winter, the A/C is sometimes still on *cool*, so bring a blanket!

Random moments – your self-esteem and sanity depend on you becoming numb to all the random moments that happen in the library (and on campus for that matter). The guy opposite you eyeing you up is not necessarily your new stalker- he’s just bored so there’s no need to be weirded out, cats in the bathrooms, having patience with /accurate paper-ball catapult aim for the loud chatty girls (or boys) in the silent section, and the sight of butt-cracks, are all things you just have to get used to.