Interview with Clinton Paul

Where do you live:- Birkirkara
Status:- Single
Star Sign:- Pisces
Main occupation:- Banking
Media-related occupation:- Singer/Songwriter

For Clinton Paul – music is his greatest passion ever. He enjoys writing and producing songs, in fact he is working on his second studio album that will be released this coming June. 

His first album was released in 2011, ‘I Know Who I Am Now’, which went down really well with the audience and now he is excited to release the second one. Apart from music, he enormously likes fashion. He enjoys designing what he will be wearing for videos and performances. He can say that he is badly addicted to it, especially SHOES !!  “I can describe myself as a very positive and energetic person. I love living my life to the full and always look forward to new exciting things”, stated Clinton Paul in this interview.

Do you wear boxers or briefs?

I wear boxers, as I feel sexier in them.

How desperate are you to be a famous singer?

If I told you ‘Moderate’ I would be lying.  I believe that every singer’s wish is to have his or her music knownIt is the same for me. I am working hard to have my music and my style known by many people.  It is always important to stay focused and with your feet on the ground. My main target is to release more songs, and if I become a famous singer then that would be a plus.

What do you prefer :- women or cars?  And why?

I guess both of them are important. Cars are the means by which we travel, and without them we can’t go anywhere. Women are also important as they bring to life that little zest that men don’t. I have lots of female friends who I like hanging out with and learn a lot from them.

Are you a good cook? What is it that you cook really well?

Yes!!!  I am a very good cook.  I love experimenting with food and I love eating all sorts of food, except for one thing –snails.  At home, it has become a tradition that Saturday is the day when I put my cookery skills to the test.  I would be cooking at noon and also for the evening, and occasionally for Sunday lunch.  It is extremely relaxing.  I am very good at cooking pasta.

If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

Who knows me well, knows that money doesn’t really change me as a person.  I certainly won’t become this man who since now has an enormous amount of money, would treat others differently than I am treating them right now.  I like saying to my friends that if one day I become a millionaire everyone will benefit with me hehe,   I would certainly use my money to make even more music.  But I certainly would use it wisely to see others happy.