When men don’t feel like having sex…

no sex tonight

Is it even possible for those randy men to not be up for it? Does lack of desire mean that he is cheating on me? Does it mean that there’s something wrong with him? Is he turning gay?

Truth is that men do suffer from lack of sexual desire and the causes for lack of desire in men are very similar, if not the same as, those in females. Lack of desire can be caused by medical and physical causes, such as, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and other health problems.

However, I have met many men who have a lack in desire because they are not erotically satisfied in bed. Same as with women, if men are not satisfied sexually they are less likely to initiate physical intimacy. Another thing that effects desire levels in men is how they are treated outside of the boudoir. One can’t expect to mistreat and abuse their man and then ask them to perform in bed. Erections are effected by self-esteem and this is why when a man is mistreated and verbally abused he will find it difficult to desire his partner.

To make matters worse when men experience erection problems or lack of desire sometimes they are called “puffs”; “cheaters” and all sorts. Partners sometimes go into attack as they feel hurt and rejected but being understanding and helping one’s partner’s self-esteem usually helps erections and desire while pressure does more harm.