Once upon a Time – A Look at Ruby/ Red Riding Hood

little-red-riding-hood 02little-red-riding-hood 03little-red-riding-hood

You all know how the tale of Little Red Riding Hood goes… She’s off to see her poor granny until the nasty wolf cunningly distracts her and pays her Granny a visit and you know how that ends! But what if Red Riding Hood was the wolf? Well, the creators of Once Upon a Time sure added a twist to that tale!

In the real world, Ruby is your average rebel teenager, stuck working as a waitress at her Granny’s Diner! In the series, you immediately realize which fairy tale character she is, since all her outfit choices seem to favour the colour red!

Ruby is by far probably one of the most stylish in the real world, when she is not wearing her waitress uniform, she can be seen wearing very fashionable pieces, all of which are a little daring! All her outfits are paired with various red statement pieces, be it a piece of her outfit or an accessory such as a hat!

Her make up always consists of a heavy winged eye, sometimes paired up with red eye shadow and she always has her signature red lip to complete her look! She also sports a lot of red highlights in her hair that she keeps long and straight most of the time!

Her fairytale character on the other hand, is very toned down. She dresses very conservatively, donning a white blouse and corset, long red skirt and her red cape.

She is always very natural with barely any make-up on and her hair long and curly with occasional braids on the top of her head, quite a difference from her “real” world look!

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