Do It Like a Dude

So it’s 7am Monday morning… you’re late for work – quick shower, you rush to your wardrobe, and it’s like opening the doors to doomsday. The frantic question pops into your head. What am I going to wear? Well that’s how my Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays… every day of the week usually begins. When I’m really lost I usually go for the quick outfit option. The suit.

Borrowed from the men’s wardrobe, it’s a timeless piece of clothing you can never go wrong with. Don’t just think in the lines of the traditional and formal black suit. I’m talking about suits with a little extra oomph-factor to them. This two piece outfit is constantly being reinvented by fashion labels in different colours, cuts, patterns, and fabrics. Contrast this formal wear with bright colours – even for the winter seasons, shorts instead of trousers for the hotter days, maybe a t-shirt instead of a shirt or mismatching patterns.

The suit doesn’t necessarily have to be exclusive to your working hours. Worn with a clutch bag, and some dangerous stilettos, you’re good to go for a lunch out with friends. Worn with flats and a rock tee underneath, you could basically wear it anywhere from a casual dinner to when you’re out shopping.

So be it for work, or your day off, worn with flats or stilettos, this masculine outfit is undoubtedly a must have. In my case it’s my reserve on the I-have-nothing-to-wear days and it works just fine.


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