Brush Mania

One of the tricks to obtain a polished make-up application is to invest in a set of good quality make-up brushes. Without going into any particular brands, I would say that such brushes are available in make-up stores established here in Malta. Avoid going for cheap versions of such brushes which are available on the internet … the bristles of such brushes will start shedding immediately … a sure sign of poor quality. It is true that good quality make-up brushes are not the cheapest tools on the market, however look at their purchase as an investment … they will last for a long time and will help you produce fantastic results!

So now one asks the question – why should I use make-up brushes to apply my make-up? First of all, you can’t get the right amount of control with just your hands or sponges. You also end up wasting valuable products and you could also risk an increased danger of breakouts due to the transfer of oils from your fingers to your face.

Another FAQ – should I clean my make-up brushes?

YES … brushes need to be cleaned regularly to avoid the build-up of bacteria which could in turn lead to breakouts. Cleaning them is very easy … all you need is a baby shampoo, water and a small container. Squeeze out a small amount of shampoo (equivalent to a 50c coin) in the container and add a few drops of water to dilute the same. Swirl your dirty brush in the mixture and you should see all the make-up coming off. Hold the brush bristles under clean, running water and wash off the shampoo.

AVOID getting any water into the metal part that combines the bristles with the brush as this can result in the glue dissolving which would in turn lead to the bristles working themselves loose and detaching themselves from the brush. Leave your brushes to dry overnight, preferably in a downright position to once again avoid any water going into the metal part of the brush.

Take care of your brushes, everyone, and your brushes will take care of you!