The Next Big Thing in Beauty… Self-Adhesive Eyeliner

Model wearing self-adhesive eye-liner Assorted eyeliner designs

This season has seen many a catwalk models sport exaggerated/artistic eye-liner looks. Most of these were actually self-adhesive or tattoo eye-liner patches. Now you can re-create the looks thanks to these patches being commercially available.

Never worry about the perfect flick again, just transfer and go! The tattoo versions work on the same principle of transferable eye shadows; just apply some water to the backing, peel off gently and you’re good to go! As for the self-adhesive ones, it is pretty self-explanatory…just peel off the backing and adhere to your eye lid.

If you are feeling more adventurous, you can always opt for a little design on the outer corner or if you want a more full-on look, have a go at the more elaborate and colourful ones!

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Model wearing self-adhesive eye-liner –
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