Interview with KATRINA PAVIA

katrina pavia katrina pavia katrina pavia

Where do you live: Hal Safi

Status: Engaged

Star Sign: Libra

Main occupation: Sales Assistant/Window Dresser at a local jewellery shop

Media-related occupation: Model / Actress / Presenter


Katrina started modelling and drama lessons at the age of 13 against her will.  Her parents enrolled her to improve her socialization skills as she was very shy and lacked self-confidence. When her modelling instructor suggested she participate in a local beauty competition – she won!  Then she enrolled in another competition held in Malta  – Miss Maltese Beauty – and she won again. By then she was really and truly hooked and simply could not stop!  At age 16 she went to China all by herself to take part in Miss Bikini of the Universe where she placed 11th out of 65 international beauties.  Off to China again that same year to participate in Miss Model of the World where she won the title Miss Best Model in Evening Gown out of 85 international contestants.  She took part in Passion for Fashion in Jo Squillo’s TV Moda twice.  In 2007 she was first runner up in Miss World Malta and also first runner up of Miss Bikini of the World held in Turkey.  She was also second runner up in Miss Princess of the World in Czech Republic. Then the best feather in her cap so far: in 2010 she won the title of Miss European in a competition held in Belgium.

Besides being nominated for 7 years in the Malta Fashion Awards for Best Photo Model and/or Best Female Model, she won the 2009 edition for Best Photo Model and that of 2011 for Best Female Model.  She was the main character in the short film “Katrina” which won 4 awards.  She has compared several prestigious concerts and presentations and has taken part in numerous fashion shows – modelling clothes, shoes and jewels for various fashion houses and featured on the front cover of several periodicals and in adverts both in magazines and on television.

How desperate are you to be famous?
My dearest wish was to be famous abroad, but when I realized I had to forgot my loved ones and be away from my mother country so much – the glamour was lost.

What’s the most money you have spent in one go and where?
A four figure shopping spree in London.

What’s the number one fashion item you couldn’t live without?
I can’t stand being without my nose stud. It has become a part of me.  Can one call that a fashion item????

If someone wrote a biography about you, what do you think the title should be?
That’s mind boggling…better let that someone think up the title himself!

What makes you angry?
Injustice, people harming animals, hatred.

Describe the modelling scene here in Malta

Basically one enters the scene as a sort of challenge. If you get hooked you’ve had it! The adrenaline rush one experiences during the shows is about the only reward one can expect to get! When I started ten years ago, the chances of representing Malta in competitions abroad was minimal but gradually these opportunities increased a great deal.  Also now there are modelling agencies here in Malta with contacts abroad; before you had to do all of that on your own. Modelling never was a lifelong occupation…you make the most of it while it lasts and then it’s just the memories, photos…and the trophies!