Top 10 Tips For Your Home:

Hollywood Villa room incorporating colour, texture and patterns all in one. The final result is gorgeous!' Bookcases. Not just for books! 'Interior designer Tamara Kaye Honey taught me all about how important layering is. This is one of her own creations.

Colour – make sure you have at least 3 colours incorporated in your space, which will be used according to its position – primary (most importance), secondary (secondary importance), tertiary (used for accents and décor).

Texture is sometimes overlooked but is very important, so be sure to mix it up with leathers, wools and patterned fabric. To achieve the correct balance make sure that there isn’t just a mix of block colours but also some pattern.

Nest of frames can sometimes spice up a wall if it is looking bare, especially in a corridor that can seem very long and hard to utilise. When using grouped pictures in frames make sure that either 1. The images share the same theme 2. The frames are the same style 3. The colour scheme works together. Remember to keep the composition balanced and to choose an odd number of frames, rather than even.

Bookcases can seem daunting when trying to figure out what to place on the shelves. A good mix of vertical and horizontal books, ornaments and prints is what makes the shelving look interesting. Make sure to focus on keeping the look collective by choosing the colours and styles wisely.
It is a myth that different styles in a room cannot look right. They actually work very well when done correctly. A minimal furniture set-up will look much more interesting with a Persian rug and a 1950’s leather armchair.
Layering: A common mistake in home interiors today is the lack of decoration. Your space may have gorgeous furniture but leaving it empty makes one feel they are living in a half-finished home. Add ornaments and books to your shelves, include rugs for a warmer feel, add cushions and throws to your sofa, and mainly incorporate art for a more cultured and creative style!
Lighting: When choosing the correct lighting keep in mind to remember what the room is used for. When it comes to kitchens, natural light is essential. Task lighting is important for reading, and dim lighting should be used for dining.

Fun items: there is nothing wrong with having what I call ‘fun’ pieces in your space. Having a brass deer on a shelf, crazy art on your wall or yellow chair on your floor just adds interest.

A feature wall doesn’t necessarily mean the colour of the wall needs to be painted differently. It could mean using cement boards for a different texture, using wallpaper or a mural, or even just adding art along with a whimsical piece of furniture.
Incorporate pieces of love! When travelling I always pick up pieces that catch my eye. Coming back home and adding them to my collection gives my home a more diverse feel with more memories making it a much happier place to be in!