Flying like a Beauty Queen

Marlene Dietrich, German-American actress and singer.

It was only when I started boarding flights nearly every week that I became aware of the harmful effects of the dry environment on the plane. Whether you’re set to meet your significant other at your destination or whether you intend to rush out of the airport for a good night out, here are a few tips that can help you look decent once you walk into the arrivals hall.

SKIN: Irrespective of your type, your skin is going to behave strangely during a flight. Dry skin gets drier and flakier, oily skin produces excess oil to make up for the lack of moisture on the flight. Therefore make sure your last shower is warm and not hot – the hotter it is, the more difficult it is for it to lock moisture – and as brief as possible. Apply a thick moisturizing lotion and if you have time, opt for a moisturizing face masque.

HAIR: Your tresses aren’t immune to the dehydrated environment up there! Make use of a deep-conditioning masque before departure, maybe even leave it on overnight to make sure your hair’s cuticles sealed enough moisture to avoid absorbing the damaging toxins in the air.

LIPS: Lip balm is a travelling girl’s best friend. Its versatility is impressive: it can be used on the lips to prevent cracking and general dryness, it can be applied to the cuticles to keep them from pulling, it may be utilized on the cheeks to add moisture and shine as well as on the eyebrows as an alternative to brow gel. Avoid matte lipsticks, they are notorious lip-dryers!

MAKE-UP: Preferably no make-up really. Yet, if you have to, start off with a primer, then go for tinted moisturizer and a hint of cream blush. Avoid mascara unless you want to look like a panda after your plane nap!