The Burden of indecision

Michael Meszaros

Many difficult decisions in life sit in the mind under constant internal discussion.
Do it? Don’t do it? Do it this way? Do it that way?

Of course the possibilities and consequences must be considered. It can be good to write down the arguments in favour and against. That focuses the mind.

Indecision is a heavy burden, and you feel it dragging you down. You are stuck at the crossroads. You are not going with the flow. You have stopped.

How many times have you seen someone who has made a major decision saying, “I am so glad that I …”

They are light again, going with the flow, and happy, often giving up much security in life, for the path of freedom to be themselves, to do what they want or need to do, to leave a person who drags them down, or to be with a person they want to be with.

They become free of the heavy burden of indecision.

Is it time to make that important decision and become light again? Is it time to leave your load at the crossroads and move along whichever path you will choose?

What better time than at the end of a year to close some doors, and the beginning of the New Year to start afresh.

It is better to try and to fail, than never to try at all.