‘Qum Hi!’

Poster from a 1930's cult classic show

Man… today I’m changing subjects. I’ve hit you with enough heavy stuff for now so I want you to enjoy and simmer on these topics. Today… I’m going to give you an “edge” or inform you a little bit on a taboo topic. Yes taboo topic, what? I presume you’re mature and open-minded no…hmm maybe not. I’m going anyway. If you had to recall that one ingredient, that inspires, motivates, relieves stress, comes from nature, has been used ever since man discovered fire, gives wisdom, brings peace and harmony to those who seek them and is a natural aphrodisiac all rolled into one than you’d get at least curious about this ingredient no? What if I told you that in 10,000 years there were no reported deaths or something remotely close to it you’d be wondering well, I think I want some of this. (Of course you do stop kidding yourself.) Well I wish I could tell you that this could be found at your near by grocer on top of the counter. You don’t, why? Because it’s illegal…. “whoa…but, but I don’t break the law” (bollocks) and that is why it’s “taboo”.

To cut to the chase this magical, potent, mind altering divine sexual chemistry initiator comes with many names. Anything of true greatness is deserving of many names and interpretations…however there is one constant and all come to the same understanding. It puts a smile on your face. But let’s settle to the “standardized” name everybody is familiar with. Marijuana. “At last, he offers an answer” (I told you I love fucking with you). You want to know why it’s illegal? THE AUTHORITIES CANNOT MONOPOLISE IT. and demonizing it is the only way they can profit from it….now let me smoke my…cigarette – :)

P.S. You know what’s ironic… even in the Bible it is mentioned and it’s uses are described in a “very Positive” light. I think it’s in “Genesis” something…

“given you every plant yielding seed that is on the surface of all the earth, and every tree that has fruit yielding seed, it shall be food for you” Genesis 1:29