Is Love being chained, or is Love freedom to be yourself, the real you? Are there terms and conditions to “Love”? – “Don’t do this, don’t see that person”. This is FEAR, fear of losing the person, jealousy, and being possessive.

A couple can discuss and agree “limits”, or make assumptions, keep silent and fall out over breaches of expected behaviour. Actually many parents will say to their children, “if you don’t do…. I will not love you”, creating a condition, so the child learns “conditional love”.

Deep lasting love comes through trust and giving freedom, not through imposing conditions. Conditions and expectations create an expanding distance between two people.

Conditions, fears and jealousies create imaginary chains as one partner treats the other as a possession. That is putting” ME” first, and not putting the partner first.

We can have unconditional love for everyone and every living thing. To love others this way is healthy. It is natural to “love” more than one person at any time, without being a threat to the “relationship”. After all it is unusual that one person satisfies all the emotional and intellectual needs of another person, even if they satisfy all the physical needs.

To be in a relationship of trust and unconditional love is to be conscious, to be honest, open and transparent. Not everyone is ready for this.

Are you? Is your partner?

Is the biggest risk staying in a dishonest, fear based relationship with secrets, invisible chains and conditions, or moving to an honest, open transparent conscious relationship with freedom?