Sartorial Trend Spotlight: Monochrome

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The monochrome (black and white) look is the representation of timeless elegance and couture designers have once again proved this statement right.

I personally hate black on its own, but on the other hand, I don’t mind wearing white head-to-toe (another big trend this Spring) so pairing them together is a better idea! Both colours being neutral, they go with every imaginable hue from the colour spectrum but my personal favourite is red.

The monochrome trend this year brings us some out-there pieces with clashing patterns in a single garment such as the shirt featured here, or statement pieces such as the vertically striped pair of trousers in the first outfit.

If you are keen to try the trend but are not yet ready to be the target for some eyebrow raising, have a go with accessories such as cute pony-tail elastics, purses, bags and even shoes. Monochrome patterns vary from stripes to hounds-tooth and polka dots so you are bound to find the print that works best for you!