When love comes, the world becomes a more beautiful, colourful place, or so it seems. Of course the world did not change, but the heart became open and the beauty and colours became clear.

When you are closed to love, your negative energies will be felt by others and they will stay away from you. Closed can include “protecting” yourself from being hurt after a previous experience, or harbouring negative thoughts like not being good enough, or not worthy to be loved. When you have these heavy, closed thoughts then it is necessary to make a conscious decision to shift away from these thoughts to joy and lightness, and to opening the heart.

First, treat yourself with love, and kindness and stop “beating your-self up” mentally. Stop complaining about a love which ended, never matured or just feeling that no one wants you. Your own heart will be first to respond to this self-love and start to open.

Love isn’t just something we feel for others, it is who we are. Relax and feel that you are love, and not the empty cup begging a few drops of love from others. Vibrate at or above the frequency of love, actually 528 hertz, with self-loving thoughts, and universal love for every living creature. Your “music” can then harmonise with others who have raised themselves from fear and anger, to a Love frequency.

Your magnet will change from “repel” to “attract”, and new possibilities will appear.