Still from Flashdance
Still from Flashdance

With Summer fast-approaching and retail stores slowly replacing their ‘cover it all’ outwear with ‘these won’t conceal your extra pounds’ revealing pieces for the warmer months, most of us enter panic mode and start to work out as much as possible. Many underestimate the importance of dressing up appropriately for the gym, for a brisk walk or maybe for a class of zumba: power dressing can act as a motivator!

These are a few workout clothing basics that you should invest in:

  1. Black Leggings: Always. Not only do they match anything, but they also allow you to move freely whether you’re sweating the pounds off with Zumba or simply trying out a new set of pilates moves. Oh, and if you plan to meet your ladies after that gym session, you can always use your leggings for your ‘going out’ outfit by adding a jumper and a statement necklace. Easy!
  2. Oversized Tops: Ideally, tight bottoms should always be paired with more billowy tops. Oversized tops, or tops aimed for the opposite sex, cover your bum too. We all know that’s imperative because leggings are not pants. A classic combination is the oversized white t-shirt and black leggings pairing, can’t go wrong with it.
  3. Hoodie: Do you still jog if it drizzles outside? Then you need something to cover your head. You can always opt for a cap, but that’s so yesterday right? Hoodies also keep you warm in colder weather conditions.
  4. Headband: Well, anything to keep your hair away from your eyes really. The mane can be very distracting and it can also stick to your face when you start sweating. So not attractive, big no-no.