Some people won’t fall in love because they fear they will be chained. They block the possibilities and literally shut down part of themselves. It is a pity that for some “love” relates to “dependence”, “chains” and “loss of freedom”. Why are so many women, in particular, choosing to live alone after leaving what became an unsatisfactory relationship?

What is love? Love is different things to different people. There is the family love a mother has for her child, or a brother has for a sister. That does not normally cause confusion.

When we say we fall in love with someone, that love may be (come) the deepest love in our life, but we can at the same time love other people. Care is needed in the use of the word “LOVE”. Some can become very angry if he/ she feels that the partner does not only have love for her/ him.

It breaks good relationships. The perfect relationship is where two people are each complete in themselves, but then enjoy the benefits of a loving relationship, independent, but not dependent. There needs to be a balance between possession and freedom.

That is unconditional love where we can love and expect nothing in return. We give freedom to that person. Unconditional love is also what one can have for, besides mankind, nature, and animals.

The problems arise when one person NEEDS another and they form a “needing / propping up each other” relationship. They speak of “having” the partner, as if he/ she is some trophy or prize possession….. part 2 follows soon