Self Defense – Accessing Your Killer Instinct

A still from the movie 'The girl with the dragon tattoo' A still from the movie 'The girl with the dragon tattoo'

In continuation with my previous blog about self-defense, you might have thought: “well it’s easier said than done you know, accessing your vicious mind state/ killer instinct”… “I’ve never been in a fight”. Or… “I’m scared of hurting somebody else, it’s not within my moral ethics”.

Well, first off do your moral ethics stop you from protecting those you love? Let me give you a scenario taken from a guy called Tony Blauer, in an explanation of “how to be your own bodyguard” which is a course by the same title.

He describes this… imagine walking into your home after a day’s work, you turn the key in the lock and open the door. You go in…and you’re sensing something is not right. A shudder creeps up your spine, and your heart is beating faster, there’s something in the air that jump-started your adrenalin. Your eyes become tunnel-visioned, and your mouth is pasty. You hear noises, you’re not really sure what they are but they don’t sound very pleasant. You walk closer to where the sounds are coming from. They’re coming from the kitchen. You peek and you see this animal of a man wielding a knife to the throat of your 6 year old daughter, son, niece, nephew. The baby-sitter is unconscious laying on the floor. The child has the pants pulled down and this animal is smiling. The child is in tears and is shaking with fear and yet this cockroach is on a power trip…he’s enjoying all this and his sadistic streak is only in its beginning stages. You’re in a panic, but something else is building inside of you…a primitive, protective rage. You see your or your partner’s frying pan/golf club/baseball bat/a piece of metal. You’re in a righteous fit of rage, you grasp the cold metal and clutch it with all your force. The fingers feel numb. This bastard has peeled down the child’s underwear. Do you sit back and watch…or you…what do you then? Still struggling with moral issues? This is how you access your killer instinct, vicious mind state. J Lesson 2 over and out.

P.S. (there’s more to come, this is just for starters)