How to Look Good and Less Tired at the End of your Journey

Whenever we travel on an air-plane or sit through a long car, bus or train ride, it’s easy to end up looking really tired and messy from, exhaustion, jet lag or being cramped into a small seating area. Yet, looking your best when travelling isn’t impossible and the suggestions here will help you look good at the end of your journey.

No Stress. Be sure that prior to departure you have everything sorted out and in order. Money in the right wallet, travel documents at hand, addresses and phone numbers within reach and that you are happy with your packing skills.

Get enough sleep the night before you travel. This is a fast lane we’re living in but good sleep will surely make you look good no matter how long the flight is.

Wear Comfortable and Stylish Clothing: Choose comfortable clothing that make you feel good and move with ease.

Hydrate your skin and eyes. Travelling often makes the skin drier due to lack of oxygen, dehydration etc. So take some moisturiser with you to apply during your flight. This will help you look fresh and moist. If you tend to have dry eyes, use artificial tears.

Drink Water. Drink water while travelling rather than sugary drinks or alcohol. This way, you’ll always be hydrated.

Eat healthy. Ideally avoid airline food if you’re flying, so pack some fresh, whole foods of your own to bring on board. Or else opt for wraps, fruit, nuts and seeds or even a salad.

Freshen Up. The best smell is clean. Therefore reduce the chance for stale or unpleasant odours from the long travel. Carry breath mints to freshen your breath and brush teeth to get rid of built-up gunk. Don’t smoke. Try to avoid alcohol while traveling, especially air travel. Take along your favourite scent. Spritz yourself with a little of it at the journey’s end. Travel wipes can go a long way towards freshening up in the air-plane restroom. Wear panty liners and discard regularly to keep fresh.

Wear your hair in the most comfortable way for you. If you have long hair, either wear it down, or up in a loose hairdo, such as a loose braid or ponytail. For everyone else with shorter hair, simply keep it combed.1

Don’t wear too much make-up if you wear make-up normally. Do put on a little bit of lip gloss and blusher for that “healthy looking glow”. Do touch up your make-up when you reach your destination, but again, don’t overdo it until you’re back in the comfort of a decent room with a good mirror and lighting.

Sleep if you can. A little sleep along the way can do wonders for how you look and feel at the other end. Don’t forget to pack any sleep helpers such as a blow-up pillow, earplugs and eye mask. Even shutting your eyes or meditating in the dark can give you a refreshing rest.