Are You a Sucker for Cute Packaging?

Etude house etoinette collection Mac makeup cosmetics collection

Here is the deal: we all have this illusion that anything pretty, sparkly and utterly gorgeous has to be ours. Make-up and anything within this cosmetic world has become part of our lives (well most of us).Is it the unique packaging that catches your eye?

Is it cute and girly that makes you want to go and grab it and call it your own?

I sometimes wonder if a product one purchases is bought for the right reasons, which is if you actually need it. I have to admit I am one that is a sucker for any collection that is cute, different and attractive to my eyes.

We cannot help ourselves if a product catches our eyes due to it’s packing. Kudos to the creator who created these fantastic items, among them, brands like M.A.C. who create ongoing collections with stunning designs, as well as the popular Korean brand Etude House who’s packing is out-of-this-world Barbie, pink and girly – it is made for all those who love cute packaging.

The attraction of an item is based not only on the product but also on the packaging, as most people judge products by its outer container too. It’s safe to say that we are all suckers for today’s market which is anything different yet popular. We all want something girly or unique. It is not a crime wanting something for it’s looks, it will find its perfect place anywhere on your vanity.

The question is, does Packaging draw you in?