The Pianist from Lithuania

“Some nights I wake up to find her gone. I know she’s just moved into the next room and when I get out of bed to look for her, it is there that I find her. She wakes up to play the piano, turning the volume on her electronic upright all the way down and that is how she plays – mentally imagining the sound of each keynote, whilst playing in the silence of the night.”

Irina Fedčenko Carbonaro’s husband Kevin loves to watch her play and has, over the recent years, started to learn how to play the piano himself. Irina is Lithuanian, 32 years old and a dedicated musician.

Born in Ukraine and brought up in Lithuania, she studied music in Portugal and Spain and married in Malta. She trained under some of Europe’s leading pianists like Miguel Borges Coelho (Portugal) and Jurgis Karnavicius (Lithuania).

Now, her 18 months of permanent residency in Malta have brought her the opportunity of teaching piano and music to children of all ages and to play as an accompanist with the New Choral Singers directed by Robert Calleja. But why piano? Why such dedication to this instrument and the music it delivers? “I come from an east European country where all arts are important.

We don’t just give importance to becoming professional in the way we play music – we grow to love and listen to it with interest and this happens from the age of six. Our choice of art form, whether it be music, dance or painting for instance, becomes a lifelong bond, and one that will accompany us throughout our life. I play because I enjoy it so much.

Yes, even during the night…..the silence inspires me.”