Are you ready to leave your comfort zone, face the fear, and open the door to a better or different life, to escape from situations which stop you progressing, or affect your safety, health and happiness?

One person will be so desperate that she packs a bag, leaves and takes refuge with parents or friends to sort her life out.

In business it may be sufficient to prioritize your day to do income producing activities first, like phoning to make appointments, instead of filing papers (true comfort zone activity). Don’t put off the important phone calls.

If you are expected to go to the family every Sunday for lunch, and you comply, then be brave and say, “sorry this Sunday I will…” Then slowly you can escape from this compliant behaviour pattern.

If you know your relationship is unsatisfactory, and will never change, despite all the discussions with your partner, it may not be in your best interest to leave today. Perhaps you need to organise some things first, or put some money aside for your financial security, or wait two more years until your children complete education.

Everything has it’s own time. A client says “It is easy to realize when something is ABSOLUTELY NOT working, the difficult part is to see when the time is appropriate. However it is only difficult until we are ready to move on”.

Make the decision to leave your comfort zone. Then decide how and when.