Stop to reflect

What are my personal emotional needs? What is my soul purpose? What is my plan for the future? What do I need as a person? Who is the real me? What is holding me back?

How often do we stop and take time to consider these questions. Perhaps it is time to find our own truth, our own vision, and our own centre?

Then we may find that our relationships can function better. How much can we give to a relationship? How much can we take from a relationship?

When we come to a relationship with a clear focus of who we are, and what our core beliefs are, then we can be ourselves, in our own truth and honesty.

Looking to others because we want to be loved, or because we want attention and approval, will surely lead to disappointment, anger and frustration when we don’t receive what we expect. We can jump into unhealthy situations, out of need, and feelings of insecurity.

So stop and reflect. Pause, hesitate, breathe and feel…. What do I need?

Why do I need attention? Do I need attention because I don’t love myself enough? Do I need people to like me? It is time to like myself and be happy with who I am. When I love myself for what I am then everything can fall into place.

I can use my deep feelings that need to be felt to more consciously play the hand I’ve been dealt!