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What is our comfort zone? It is the familiar, safe, predictable place where nothing changes, we always act in the same way and get the same results. It is that place where habit and routine co-exist and we can go round in circles.

We may dream of ambitions and different results but they will always elude us if we don’t take action to achieve them. We repeat patterns of behaviour, like failing with one partner, then taking a similar partner and failing again. The problem is inside us, not the partner.

Routine becomes monotony, complaint, frustration, like perhaps a boring or non-existent sex life.

Why do we stay with a partner who abuses us, or does not fulfil us? Because we FEAR what lies outside.

Outside we can have new experiences, see new perspectives and expand our horizons. We can release what blocks and limits us.

Love, adventure, travel, and work can remain stuck in the mediocre, unless we pluck up courage to reach for the stars, following our dreams and desires, to fly like eagles… changing what we want to change?

When we follow our heart or intuition, we can enter the brave new world where miracles occur and anything is possible.

We can choose to take responsibility to steer our lives instead of drifting along with the flow.

The danger is not in leaving the comfort zone, but staying in it. What do you want to change, but have not had the courage to do?