Jealousy (Part 2) – Six steps to overcoming jealousy

Jealously can kill a relationship as effectively as infidelity can. Take these simple steps to overcome your jealousy and find happiness in yourself.

  1. Talk with a friend to get an honest opinion as to whether the jealousy has any foundation, or whether it is just in the imagination.
  2. Then take a good look at yourself. Does alcohol affect how you feel? Have you been unfaithful so suspect your partner can be too? Are you under stress at present? Is your libido low so you feel more exposed to your partner looking elsewhere? Why is my ego seeking attention and crying for help in a self-destructive way?
  3. Now write down these feelings and thoughts on paper. That always helps to clarify the mind.
  4. Adopt an attitude of gratitude. List the many things you are grateful for, including health, income, food, shelter and friends. Each day say out loud “I am grateful for all the great things in my life”.
  5. Boost your self -esteem. Tell yourself how good you are. Your partner has chosen YOU, so you are already at an advantage. Focus positive energy into your relationship and into your partner. Your negative, jealous energies are probably pushing your partner away.
  6. Keep track of your future feelings of jealousy. What makes you feel this way? Is it justified? Are you putting unreasonable restrictions on your partner? Love is about giving your partner freedom to be his or her true self, not chaining or controlling him / her.