Your Guide to Design 2013 Part 2 – This Year’s Trends in Interior Decoration

Retro Botanicals Oval-Shaped Grouped Mirrors Brass Decor  Raw Wood Marble Surfaces Cut Glass

Part 1 gave us a summary of design in the past, now we can look at what we are going to be seeing a lot of this year!

Retro Botanicals: These motifs have been around for years and it seems like they’re here to stay! Patterns with plantation are incredibly popular, especially for upholstery and wall coverings.

Grouped Mirrors: This trend has slowly progressed and is now most popular when it comes to circular mirrors. Grouping them in odd numbers would be most stylish either over mantelpieces or even as a funky headboard for your bed.

Into the woods: We’re being heavily inspired by nature as raw wood is another trend this year. This authentic finish with no polish, paint or stains has been very popular during design shows already this year, and has been mainly featured on chairs and tables.

Brass: This trend is music to my ears! A love for all things brass has enabled me to understand the way this material can add instant elegance and richness to a room. Look for brass in vintage decorative pieces, vessels and plant pots!

Marble: Incredibly popular this year, and it even comes at affordable prices. Now with all sorts of marble-effect surfaces available you will find ways in adding this pretty stone to your home.

Cut Glass: If your grandma has been offering to give you her sherry decanter you should be accepting gracefully as they’re proving to be a huge hit in the interiors industry. From crystal chandeliers to votives, work these pieces into your home this year.

So there’s your guide for all things beautiful, if you need any advice on interiors or just want to add your comment, please see below!

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