For centuries the wise man, the Guru, the Master, would sit surrounded by followers, disciples. They would remain like this for days, weeks and even years. The Guru would speak words of wisdom, from his own thoughts or to answer questions about all aspects of life.

Others just need occasional guidance on the path.

“It is said that whenever the disciple is ready the master appears. Whenever you are ready the truth will be delivered to you. There is not even a single moment’s gap. Whenever you are ready, it happens immediately. There is no time gap.” Osho (20th century mystic).

When the same followers remain at the feet of the Guru, he can rightly say, “you come to me each day and hear my teachings, my words of wisdom. Why are you still here? Did you learn nothing?”

We have what we need inside us, but often need a mirror to see it.

The teacher and Guru is inside all of us, just as a dry seed lives in the land. When we add water to the dry seed it grows. When we activate our spiritual intention and consciousness we start to access the wisdom within.

We must allocate time to quiet the mind and access our higher self, the true spirit within. Meditation is one way, but a silent walk in nature can be just as effective.

So much lies within, and we need to realise that and explore.