Make-up Essentials

Getting started with make-up can prove to be a tricky business and everyone requires a little help to decide what is needed in order to create a functional make-up kit without breaking the bank. This should help you out a little bit!

  1. Foundation – When choosing the right foundation, one has to keep in mind the colour of the skin, the skin type and the type of coverage needed.
  2. Concealer – I would recommend getting a cream or liquid concealer that is at least two shades lighter than your skin tone.
  3. Pressed powder – This will ensure that your make-up doesn’t move around.
  4. Eye-shadows – I would recommend getting an eye-shadow palette to start off with. In this way, you will have a variety of colours to work with and you will also save space in your kit!
  5. Mascara – I usually keep two sets of mascara in my kit, a normal one and a waterproof one. 
  6. Eye-liner – I am a big fan of gel liners as I find that they glide onto the skin, making application easier than when applying liquid eye-liner. Moreover, they tend to last longer than any other type of eye-liners.
  7. Blushers – Even in this case, I would recommend getting a palette with different shades of blushers to suit every occasion.
  8. Lipsticks – To start off with I would recommend getting three main colours – nude, red and pink. Remember, you can always mix and match your colours to create an original tone!