Sensual Connection

Leonard Whiting & Olivia Hussey from the movie Romeo & Juliet by Franco Zeffirelli (1968)

My mind is intoxicated by the scent of beauty

My soul overwhelms all my sensations – I lose control

My body levitates to the sensual touching

The scent induces, the taste is surreal

I want to explore every corner every angle

As I watch the quivering of this beautiful angel

I succumb to my callings as my instinct turns wild

It’s the essence of living

Milk white, silk like skin, smooth like a newborn

Jet black hair, darker eyes the depth of the Bermuda triangle

Facial features reflecting the greatness of the heavens

My fingers run slowly, softly all over her body

A touch like a feather increases the pace of her breathing

Body parts contract producing milk

In preparation of the moment

Of penetration

I bite the neck, gently pull the hair and run my tongue

Along the crevices

Nipples harden as I circle around and rub them

With my tongue

Time stops as I centre around the circle of our primary source

It is than when I run down along the vertical lips

The effect is paradise as I focus right in the middle

The tongue brushes softly, the shaking starts the rhythm

Traces of the first trinklets of sweat, pulse resonates

My loins gather energy, my sword pulsates