Journal Excerpts (2)…

Auguste Rodin - Cupid & Psyche

…Before we resume we pause and we look at each other. Then we let the conversation flow and we talk…we talk about the real stuff in life…what is making love all about…what is life all about, and how the two questions intertwine.

We talk. We talk about the Mystery of Sex Transmutation and how sexual energy can be transcended and utilized towards the dreams and aspirations in life. What we expect to achieve in this life and what it is we hope to pass on. The value of a life experience and the lessons learnt during our stages, chapters of a lifetime, that unfold like the next love making session.

We talk about the alchemy between men and women and how both forces united hold the key to something higher, deeper, something which alters the mind, the heart and the soul and how much there is still to learn about each other. We talk about what the real meaning of marriage is and how our consciousness has evolved over the outdated model. That it’s not a set of rules one has to strictly follow with society’s negative expectations that are projected. It has outdated the politician-influenced Hollywood-glamour idea and made a full circle and eternal unification is in fact possible. It is something you work towards with sacrifice, joy, chemistry and the constant expansion of love and the art of lovemaking, which is a natural holistic healer, simply put: passion.

The ultimate objective: to leave as much offspring as possible. Healthy attributes are taught and passed on to the next generation so that the next generation are raised stronger, smarter and with purer intentions. However they are more aware about what is surrounding them and have all the resources and skills to endure, adapt and overcome.

We talk about our connection with nature and how every living being radiates energy and expands to it’s full potential. We talk about how we, as humans, are blessed with a gift; that our full potential is within reach but at the same time is never reached, as the levels are infinite and growth is a constant not a destination.

Our connection allows me to talk to you about what makes me, me. My fears, my nightmares, my darker side without any judgements or restrictions and as a man I love life but I also embrace death. That’s the only way I’m prevented from fearing it. It’s what makes me the protector and that I would lay my life before anything happens to you or my family.

The dark side is not to be repressed, it is to be channelled and maybe you can understand me logically but never emotionally, just like I can understand logically but never emotionally what it means to be a mother.

My weapons in this life; is my heart and my sword. The former commands the latter and if I betray them, I would be betraying myself, my honour –  and I would be betraying you. As cowardice isn’t a man’s trait, it’s not a woman’s trait. It’s a trait of sub-species. It would deprive you of the completion of me and hence my mission encompasses my love for you.

It is a world I want to share, a world I can’t deny, as denying it would deprive you of my masculinity. That is where the dark side seeks darker expressions…so I fight.

The closer you are to death the more you appreciate life, family and wife…