Style, Image & Etiquette…

One tends to think that style and image is about the way we dress and look…in reality it is about the way we dress, walk, talk and behave in every aspect of our life.

Looking good and being insensitive to those around us does not exactly enhance our ‘image’.

This week is Valentine’s Day – it is obviously nice to receive flowers or chocolates or whatever… is the way we talk about this and post on Facebook and other social media that is sometimes not so nice. One has to keep in mind that there are people who are passing through difficult times in their relationships or are actually in abusive relationships, that days like the 14th February make it seem worse. It is not that one is not pleased or one does not say anything but be sensitive to the people you are talking to.

Carrying on the Valentine’s Day theme maybe we should see it as it is – a money-making concept which has no concept in today’s age – the origin of Valentine’s Day was romanticized by Chaucer in the 14th century – when relationships were conducted slightly differently!!  How it’s turned out to be a day where roses are a pre-requisite and presents are an obligation is beyond me –  which is fine if kept in the context of fun but the pressure we put on, it seems, our male counterparts is immense……continuous advertising does not exactly help but if we keep our feet on the ground and look at life as it is maybe we will be more at peace with ourselves.

I was talking to a man who is separated with grown children – he told me he actually left a woman he had met and liked because last Valentine’s, after being together a few months, this woman gave him a really expensive present and he thought……his exact words ‘what is she going to expect for Xmas, B’days, etc and is she expecting me to go so serious so quickly?’

And to end this if there is nobody special in your life at this particular time buy roses for your children or parents or sisters or somebody you known who’s passing through challenging times, and why not for yourself  – I promise the satisfaction and pleasure you get far exceeds you not getting any rose……

Happy Valentine’s Day to All :)