Kim Kardashianv during security check


You dress up for the airport. You strip down twenty minutes later at security. Here’s what you should avoid wearing for a quick, hassle-free security check. Ladies, there are duty-free shops upstairs, that’s where you want to be right now.

Lots of Jewellery

Not only can excessive jewellery be difficult to remove because of the stubborn clasps or tight nature, but you are highly likely to forget something on if you turn up looking like Mr. T from the A-team at the airport. Studded pieces are all the rage right now, but I recommend leaving them for your holiday outings. I’m pretty sure the people at security appreciate the trend much less than we do.

A Belt

I love belts. Yet not at the airport. Make sure to wear a pair of trousers that don’t require cinching in with a belt. Instead, opt for trousers that sit comfortably high on the waist. The stores are brimming with high-waisted options at the moment, so no excuses! You don’t want your trousers falling off during the scanning do you?


I need to follow my own advice with this one. Since my luggage is nearly always a tad too heavy, I tend to wear my bulkiest shoes to the airport to avoid adding even more weight. Yet, whenever I arrive at security I’m always asked to remove them. It can take minutes, especially if they’re a zip-less and buckle-less pair! Look at that queue of people waiting behind you… I’m panicking already!

Under-wired Bra

Few things are as embarrassing as the jingle jangle of a security machine triggered by a bra. Under-wired bras are not airport-friendly, so leave them in your luggage. They can also get rather uncomfortable during the flight. Remember, comfort is key!