Meeting the Ex – Part 1

Ohhhh…what a nice topic…NOT…but if you EVE readers have been reading my articles they are all lived in my very own olive skin and deeper than that trust me. At times I feel that the marks left, especially the 30.6.12 ones, are actually visible to anyone although random people I meet tell me I look good etc (hahaha a closer look and OMG!).

So I have come across one of the many Facebook quotes that I read and post in an OCD fashion…ask my gfs… I’m bad! So the quote goes like this (and I love it since having read many this fits in and I told one of my favourite gfs CB who is the essence of an independent life-loving woman…so liberating, so interesting, so positive, so caring, so smart, etc etc I just love her and her nature…one of my favourites you are…yes you CB…cause she does patiently read these articles and as always she tells me fantastic, phenomenal, well written, good command of the English language etc):


Now this depicts to me exactly what he has resulted to be. Trust me EVE readers way back in 2012 I read many ex quotes on my facebook wall and this fits.

So on a random Saturday night out me, CB and CG (all my gfs) go to City and yes there he is. It had been a while since we met randomly (Malta being massive hence no odds of meeting your ex – say that to the marines and to the entire Royal Navy). Anomie is the order of the day on this island…NOT. So back to the night out, I walk into City to get myself a Corona, and CB a G&T. As I’m waiting for my well deserved and needed Corona (since I had my MSc Renal deadline on Monday 14.1.13 so I was studying and working like a dog!) I spot his friends whom I love and miss dearly, then as my eyes scan (like only I know how to…nothing escapes my clinical occhio…any doubt ask CB re her shoes at a wedding hehehe) OMG he’s there…OMG!

Ok so I grab the drinks and head outside…fantastic CB placed her arse at an arms length from HIM…brilliant! And his friends at the same table as him tell me hi etc. So I move to their table and psyche myself to play the game…COME ON GIRL YOU CAN DO THIS…ACTUALLY CLARISSA GUESS WHAT YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE…hehehe ahhh my life never a dull moment…hehehe! So we play the game and I sort of pulled it off. Shift myself to the glance of CB and notify her that the enemy of the state is behind me sitting down and she’s aghast…ok brilliant support CB hehehehe. So me and CB are in shock…what to do next…CB enquires…Clar do you want to leave and we go elsewhere etc? Good idea I think but I utter the opposite…No I’m fine…I look down at my legs (becoming thinner lately due to my diet…YEPEEE!) and they’re shaking…Ok girl down the Corona…you’ll feel better hehehehe…Corona gone…and I tell CB that CG and GVZ are meeting us here so lets wait for them and then make a move…- to be continued in Part 2