Q. “I practice meditation and it makes me calm, but after this I feel negative emotions coming up. My question is if they are part of and the result of meditation, or is there no connection between them and meditation?”

A. Meditation stills the mind to allow you to hear what is inside. In the normal rush and noise of everyday life we live at the superficial surface, not as our true deeper self.

Those negative emotions can then come to the surface and you can deal with them. Let them out. Breathe in deeply visualising clean white light coming into you, and exhale deeply visualising these negative emotions as grey contaminated air leaving you.

Do this five times or until you feel you are exhaling clean air too, and have released these emotions.

Q. “You mean: negativity is a natural part of meditation?”

A. Negativity is not part of meditation but we are all full of negative and positive feelings. It seems that it took meditation for you to find these negative feelings inside you.

It is good to cleanse the body of them, not keep them stored inside. Meditation allowed you to access them, so experience them and clean them from your system.


David Millner