Repression to Resolution (Survival and Replication article continued)

In continuation to the subject of repression, the dominant sensations we are most exposed to have been anger and rage. I am talking about this because I sense it building up from within the consciousnesses on a mass scale, although it is generally not admitted (and it tends to be a taboo topic). It seems to permeate collective society.

In simpler words, I see a lot of f***** angry people and behind the glitter and behind the gold there is a “monster” growing in each and every one of us. I too am guilty of this, however, understanding this “monster” has made me physiologically happier let me explain further.

The sensation of anger and rage builds up like a hungry dog that needs feeding (there are plenty of external factors that trigger this and don’t feel guilty about it, it’s universal. I shall give hints of these external factors along the way). This build-up triggers in us a healthy body chemical which can be dangerous depending how it’s used and once understood can be tapped into and utilized. The sensation is exactly the driving power that finally hits home and is best utilized from the ground up (of starting something) and the last levels of penetration (in achieving something). The killer instinct lurking inside each and every one of us (both genders have it however it is more dominant in males) requires understanding, nurturing, utilization, control and finally is unleashed via a constructive channel, (in my case I love it direct, hence I train and fight competitively (I have an appropriate channel).

The process is generally a build-up and it changes its form progressively. Discomfort or a general feeling of uneasiness sets the mode for sadness to set in. When sadness does set in, it constantly fuels a passive-aggressive mental state (you’re pissed off about something) until it turns into neutral-aggressive (you’re pissed off about everything). This point is crucial as at this stage this “energy” requires a focus as it can easily become active-aggressive which is highly powerful (but also damaging) as the “snap effect” can leave devastating effects, most times to the detriment of the recipient (on one level or another).

It’s like boiling water, water is first cold, heat starts to warm up the water and is twice as fast if it’s contained (repression). Bubbles start to rise leading to boiling point. Finally the lid explodes. The same applies to people who suppress all that “energy”. Nature cannot be contained permanently. Something has to give. Why am I saying all this?

“Neither resolutions nor understanding will ever make you strong. Resolutions have sincerity, logic has clarity but neither has the energy you will need. Let anger strengthen your resolve” The Peaceful Warrior

The resolve is in reference to your life’s greatest aspirations. Make this year count. Happy New Year…